Facial Hair Removal for Women

Is Waxing Worth It?

Many women will tell you that they wax off the facial hair they have in order to give them a hairless lip or chin. Unfortunately, not all of us want to try waxing because of the horror stories of how painful it is. Below are the pros and cons of using waxing as a form of facial hair removal for women.

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The good thing about waxing is that even though it is painful, the pain is over in just a second. You will be left with beautiful and hairless skin that you can enjoy for sometimes several weeks before you have to do it again. This sure beats having to shave every few days.

Waxing is also cost effective. Wax strips can be reused or made out of fabric you have laying around, and the wax itself is often quite inexpensive as well.

Unfortunately, waxing is quite painful and can cause skin irritation in many individuals, which is why it is avoided by many. Tearing out the hairs has even been known to cause bleeding from the hair follicle that the hair was torn from.

As an alternative for those who do not wish to wax their facial hair, you can use the lovely cream by Revitol to get that excess hair away. As far as facial hair removal for women goes, this one takes the cake. All you have to do is put the cream on and then wipe it off and the hair is gone!

As an alternative to shaving or waxing, creams are a great form of facial hair removal for women. It isn’t painful, doesn’t cause skin irritation in most individuals, and it’s just as cost effective as waxing. Even better is that it leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.


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