Electrolysis Hair Removal Technique

Electrolysis hair removal technique has been around for over 135 years (unlike the laser hair removal) and the results can be sustainable if the procedures are performed properly and by an experienced, permanent hair removal, Physician.

This process takes time and involves a metal needle / probe (thinner than your hair) in each hair follicle without rupturing the skin and then zapping the root of the hair with a little ‘power supply. This resulted in damage (not visible from outside) on the ground that feeds the growth of hair, possibly prohibiting the regrowth of hair. You are probably thinking – electrolysis hair removal procedure is heavy and painful.

It is! Electrolysis hair removal methods:


One of the oldest types of hair removal electrolysis, the passage of current to each follicle, “galvanic lye, an unstable chemical that really help you create free radicals on the breakdown tissue and allow the separation of the follicle from the wall that surrounds the hair. Note: The hair follicle contains consists of about 6 layers known. Galvanic lye (sodium hydroxide) causes a breakdown of the most vulnerable and allows the inner part of the follicle to be removed. However, leakage continues to work for some time after the hair is removed, facilitating the death of all the outer layers and the cells re-growth. If done properly, electrolysis will not produce galvanic skin discoloration. Depending, permanent hair removal, on the thickness and density of hair, anywhere between 3 ~ 5 passages, reduce collateral damage to skin cells in the area.

Thermal decomposition

As the name suggests, the heat is used to burn the hair follicle and surrounding areas make permanent dead.

As galvanic probe (thin your hair shaft) will be injected into the skin and the alternating current is passed through to heat the area. A sufficiently high temperature, the cells burn and grabs my hair to grow. If this method is not executed properly, could lead to skin burns and scars.

A mixture of galvanic and Thermolysis

The best of both methods are combined to drive higher success rates in permanent hair removal. This fusion process uses lye and galvanic current pulses alternative to burn the hair follicle and root permanently.


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